A year on, Turkey losing patience over EU migrant deal

Turkey says the European Union has failed to deliver on the promise of financial aid, membership and visa-free travel for Turkish citizens as part of the migrant readmission agreement with the bloc.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

The deal aimed to control the flow of refugees who pass through Turkey and then further into Europe.

Turkish officials say they plan on abandoning the migrant deal with the European Union because the latter failed to deliver financial aid, EU membership and visa-free travel for Turkish citizens. 

Under the terms of the agreement the EU said it would take in up to 72,000 refugees and in return give Turkey about six billion dollars in aid to help manage the rest of the refugees.

It also promised to speed up Turkey's EU membership application — 30 years after Turkey first applied to join the EU — and allow Turkish citizens visa-free travel to Europe.

Turkey is expressing its dissatisfaction with how things have turned out, saying the EU has failed to keep its promises.

TRT World's Andrew Hopkins has this report from Ankara.