Lebanese band mocks Daesh

"Al Rahel Al Kabir" is winning fans with its humorous take on Daesh and the terrorist group's leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Photo by: @sarahussein via Twitter
Photo by: @sarahussein via Twitter

The band's lyrics not only provoke smiles but also make people think.

Lebanese band Al Rahel Al Kabir (The Great Departed) is making waves by mocking Daesh.

The band's aim is very serious. By making fun of the terrorist group, they want to expose the emptiness of the ideology that drives Daesh.

Journalist Khaled Sobeih founded Al Rahel Al Kabir and writes their music.

"One phenomenon of the Syrian Crisis is Daesh. It is alone a caricature and sarcastic with the amount of violence that it's committing,” says Sobeih.

"Oh master Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, you, who rule by God's rules, you will lead God's servants to an abyss like no other," are typical of the lyrics that make fun of Daesh and its leader.

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